“ The Golf-Rest is a great multi-purpose golf aid which helps to alleviate those annoying problems on the golf course, such as lost clubs, wet grips, it helps speed up play, can be used as a marker when the ball is hit into deep rough and makes practising your short-game much easier.

With its simple and elegant design, I believe using a Golf-Rest makes the game more enjoyable.

There is increased confidence in being able to choose the right golf-club to play one's next stroke, where previously there were worries about losing or spoiling the clubs when taken away from golf-bag and laying them on the ground.

Try it once and be amazed how you managed without it!

I recommend the Golf-Rest as a simple, modern and essential device in your golf-kit. ”

James Reynolds — Stanmore Golf Club
PGA Professional

“ I would like to say that having made use of the Golf-Rest in both lessons as well as out on the course recently with our Buggies being restricted to cart paths that the Golf-Rest is a very valuable aid.

I certainly missed it when I forgot to take it out one day and would recommend that everyone should give it a try! ”

Kevin Merry — The Grove
Senior Golf Instructor

“ I first used the Golf Rest (GR) playing at the Ryder Cup course 2010 in Newport, Wales. Because carts are restricted to the paths the GR was an invaluable aid in preventing slow play.

I have now used the GR (deluxe model) at my home course, where carts are not permitted. When the ground is wet the GR is an essential aid by keeping the spare club, usually the putter or wedge, dry.

It saves my back from having to bend to retrieve a club and because the spare club is resting against the GR there is no danger of it being left behind.

I urge all golfers to add the GR to their bag. You will not regret it. ”

John — Handicap 18
St George's Hill, Weybridge

“ My name is Bill Hedden with a Handicap of 8 and current member of Upminster
Golf Club.

Recently in May 2012, I played on a Society Golf Day at Kings Hill Golf course in Kent shortly after a spell of heavy rainfall we have been experiencing. I took my Golf-Rest (Deluxe Model) along for first time. The conditions on the day were dry however due to the sodden ground, our Buggy was limited to driving in the rough and adopting 'the 90 degree rule'.

The first chance to use my Golf-Rest came on a par 5 hole. My playing partner had the Buggy and left me with a selection of Clubs and the Golf-Rest.

I located my ball on the edge of the rough and positioned the Golf-Rest to the side with my surplus clubs leaning against it keeping them off the wet grass.

We progressed up to the Greenside and again took the Golf- Rest with our putters and wedges, and once on the Green this allowed the flag-stick to rest off the floor as well.

My conclusion would be if this was used in all cases when you are not able to take your Trolley or Buggy to the Ball position it would be impossible to lose a Club and totally avoids getting wet and slippery grips.

Congratulations on a great product and innovative idea for our beloved game! ”

Bill — Handicap 8

“ When I first saw the Golf-Rest, I quickly realised it is an amazing device. Simple yet very useful!

My Handicap is 3 and I have not seen a Golf-Rest type-device in any shops during all my teenage years travelling around Britain and Europe attending various golfing schools and courses in my desire to improve my game.

I have used the Golf-Rest at my local course whilst pushing a normal golf-trolley.
In this mode I parked the trolley at an exit-point of a green, not knowing if my ball was in a bunker or not. I happily took my putter, wedge and sand-wedge away from my bag and it was great to leave my two surplus clubs (putter and sand-wedge) standing leaning (being kept dry) against the Golf-Rest whilst I played onto the green with my wedge.

It was an even better feeling when I pitched my ball onto the green and before using the putter, I confidently put the other two wedges against the Golf-Rest and also rested the flag-stick on it! This saved me time as I did not need to take the surplus clubs back to my trolley before I putted out, and other golfers following behind me could see I was promptly clearing the green allowing them to play their strokes without lingering and waiting.

As a 22 years old, I am very excited to use the Golf-Rest. It is a cool device to have in your bag as it helps speed-up your overall game particularly when I have to share a buggy with my mates. In this situation, I can take three or more clubs away from the buggy and use the Golf-Rest. It helps you select the right club for your stroke after inspecting lie of the ball knowing the other clubs are in a safe condition leaning against the Golf-Rest. ”

R S Bhogal — Handicap 3
Member at the Roman Road championship course Celtic Manor Resort Newport

“ Firstly may I say that the Golf Rest is an invaluable tool when playing on courses where a buggy is restricted to paths only. On these courses it is an essential piece of equipment to have in your bag.

When you have to walk across to other side of the fairway having parked your buggy on the path, not knowing what type of lie you have, you can take 3 or 4 clubs with you knowing that at least one will be suitable. To be able to rest these clubs in an upright position before selecting your club thus avoiding wet handle grips when the course has been subject to inclement weather or sprinkler usage is a blessing.

Also when playing in and around the green and using a trolley, again the Golf Rest comes into its own, particularly when there are areas marked preventing you taking your trolley near to your ball. The Golf Rest helps you play at a faster pace because the trolley can be located at a suitable point where you can quickly leave the green once you have completed your final putt. Otherwise you waste vital time and effort moving the trolley several times and taking individual clubs out of the bag and putting them back in, or laying them on the ground which increases risk of leaving them behind or getting their grips dirty.

A great piece of equipment that will no doubt save you time on the course, expense by not losing your clubs and effort when not having to stoop down to the ground to pick up that extra club. ”

Steve — Handicap 14
Stanmore Golf Club

“ Golf-Rest is a-must-have device in your bag when playing on courses where the buggies have to stay on a path running alongside the fairways. I also used it while carrying my bag on a golf-trolley.

It is an elegant and excellent aid to support a number of golf clubs off the ground on the course or around a practice area. It is also nearly impossible to leave behind or lose a golf club on the course, which is of great comfort to me when playing at my local course or when I am playing at different courses in the UK or abroad.

Recently, whilst playing away on a Society Day at Ross-on-Wye, I noticed someone had left behind a pitching-wedge on the 5th green. I picked it up and after about 30 minutes I saw a Buggy speeding towards me and a very anxious looking golfer got out. He said “I am sorry I have lost my wedge, it has ruined my round; this always happens to me and did you find it?” I smiled and gave back his wedge. He was so pleased.

However, before he left I showed him my Golf-Rest and its great advantage in preventing losing one's clubs. He was thrilled to see it and agreed it is a device he must have and it will allow him to play golf free of any worries again about losing his clubs!

In another situation, after finding my ball in the rough, it was easy to mark its exact location with the Golf-Rest which allowed me to walk back to my trolley and select two clubs before making a final choice for the stroke.

A wonderful device, which has added to my golfing pleasures! No need to bend down and pick up surplus clubs or flag-stick off the ground.

I recommend it to all golfers as it so useful and helps speeds up play. ”

G S Bhogal — Handicap 12
Member at the 2010 Golf Club Celtic Manor Resort Newport

“ The Golf Rest is a clever device for most club golfers, saves time, no more leaving clubs behind, must have in your bag when pushing a trolley or when using a buggy restricted to paths. ”

Diwan — Handicap 16
Hendon Golf Club

“ Great fun to play golf over the week-end with our Society.

I hope you gained some valuable feedback from the field- trials for the Golf Rest.

It is a great idea which I am sure will take off and in years to come we will be able to say that we helped test the prototype and get it off the ground!

I feel very privileged to be the proud owner of one of the first, and most beautifully engineered deluxe models to be brought into being.

Thank you very much for my personalised Golf Rest. ”


“ I have had the privilege of using the Golf Rest whilst playing using both a trolley and a buggy. I found it a huge convenience around the bunkers and greens where you had to leave the trolley/buggy and take a couple of clubs to play your next strokes.

It is also very good when using a buggy going along the fairway and at tees which are situated remote and back from the green you have just finished putting on.

I have lost a number of clubs over the years but now, with the Golf Rest, that is so hard to do. It is also an object of great interest around the golf course and has become the centre of numerous discussions with other golfers, who are amazed it has not been available till now in its simple and elegant style.

A fabulous and essential ‘15th club’ in your bag. ”

Jay Kotecha