How does the safety feature work?

Instructions & Warnings

The Deluxe Model has a safety feature which allows its stainless steel spike to be reversible and kept concealed within the shaft at all times when the Golf-Rest is NOT ready for use on a golf course. As the owner of a Deluxe Model, you are responsible in ensuring the spike is only exposed once you have started your round. Please use it in a safe and sensible manner. After completion of your round, the spike MUST be re-inserted and tightly screwed back into bottom end of the shaft to remain concealed for general safety.

In the Classic Model, the stainless steel spike is presented in a visible position with a rounded-point for general safety, particularly when the device is NOT being used on a golf course. The spike can be removed for setting aside if desired.

Please ensure the Golf-Rest is kept in a sensible location with your normal golf bag when taken away from a golf-course.

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